Webinar - Inflation, Interest Rates, and Commercial Real Estate

With US economic growth expected to accelerate to levels unseen in almost four decades, fears of inflation have once again emerged. Are prices rising across the board? What is the impact of monetary policy and interest rates and isn’t CRE supposed to be a hedge against inflation?

  • The role of fiscal and monetary policy in supporting growth while guarding against overheating: how much support is too much? When do deficits matter again, if ever? Can the Fed keep rates low in the face of inflation? What if they don’t raise them fast or far enough and what are the riskiest scenarios going forward?
  • When (or how much) should we worry, as CRE market participants? What does inflation and interest rate risk mean for CRE allocation in large investment portfolios? Are there sectors that might be affected differently than others?
  • How do interest rates and inflation come into play in the CRE credit markets
  • Will this vary by geography or property type?

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