US PPP and Project Finance Conference

Tuesday 8th to Wednesday 9th December 2020

Mitigating New Risks and Uncertainty

We invite you to watch the on-demand videos of Moody’s 5th annual US PPP and Project Finance Conference, online. Day one discussed the US election results affect on future infrastructure investment and credit, how COVID-19 affects our demand risk and construction risk analysis, the impact of more renewable generation and storage on energy markets and key risks of merchant renewable projects and new technologies. Day two highlighted lessons learned from the pandemic, like the importance of the relationship between the public and private sector and rising cyber security risk, and how new project structures have attempted to mitigate these risks to date.

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08 Dec

US elections, COVID-19 and economic uncertainty

  • With state and local governments under pressure what role does infrastructure investment play in the economic recovery as COVID-19 recovery remains in focus?
  • Post the election, will competing priorities impair the political will to increase infrastructure investment?
  • Will the surprisingly steady and diverse project pipeline change?
  • Has Moody’s changed our evaluation of demand risk forecasts and construction risk amid COVID-19 and the uncertain recovery?
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08 Dec

Renewable projects in a changing energy market

  • How will energy markets change as they integrate more renewable generation and storage?
  • Will state mandates or the market drive future renewable energy investments?
  • What are the key risks to merchant renewable projects?
  • Is renewable hydrogen becoming a reality?
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09 Dec

Risk allocation and project structures evolve to mitigate new risks

  • Are fixed-price, date-certain construction contracts over?
  • What are the benefits and limits of risk allocation highlighted by the pandemic?
  • How is cyber risk mitigated or managed if not explicitly stated as a relief event?
  • What key holding company debt risks does Moody’s consider?
  • If the contract is clear in how a certain supervening event should be managed, why are we seeing so many disputes and how does Moody’s evaluate these risks upfront?
  • Can self-performing operations, lifecycle and rehabilitation be credit neutral?
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09 Dec

Quality of relationship fundamental to credit, especially when projects are delayed, or unexpected events occur

  • What lessons can be learned from projects like the Purple line, Denver Great Hall, I-69 and the HART procurement compared to I-4, KentuckyWired and Penn Bridges?
  • How have the unique risks of US PPPs been mitigated to date on successful projects?
  • How does the relationship between counterparties affect the credit of the project?
  • Can project financings affect the credit of the public sector partner?
  • When have investors exercised their right to stop funding a delayed project?
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