On Demand Sessions


Interview with Michael Corbat, Chief Executive Officer, Citigroup Inc.

In the past decade, few banks have undergone greater change than Citigroup. Having spent his entire career at Citigroup and as CEO since 2012, Michael Corbat has been instrumental in designing and executing these changes to build a simpler, smaller, safer and sounder institution for Citigroup’s bondholders. Today, Citigroup is investing heavily in its global franchises to digitize offerings to its institutional and consumer clients to sustain a position as a bank of the future – trends Mr. Corbat is in a unique position to discuss.

  • How has Citigroup’s business been transformed, and what has this meant for bondholders? 
  • How is Citigroup navigating the crisis and what will be the key longer-term implications? 
  • How is Citigroup differentiating itself in digital technology investments for institutions and consumers?  
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Keynote interview with Christian Sewing, CEO, Deutsche Bank

  • Strategic impact of the current crisis: What opportunities it creates, eliminates or defers
  • Views on recovery as well as government and regulatory interventions
  • How the current situation will impact Deutsche’s strategic plans and targets?
  • Extent to which the current crisis has driven increasing focus by the bank on ESG – particularly social risks

Profitability in low interest rate environment

  • Up to now the net interest margins were maintained. What’s next?  
  • How are banks coping with increasing pressure on profitability?  
  • The impact of low rates and flat yield curves across European banking systems 

Spotlight Interview: Making sustainability a core part of a bank’s strategy

  • Costs and benefits of implementing a sustainable finance framework 
  • ESG challenges faced by a global financial institution
Antoni Ballabriga
Antoni Ballabriga
Head of Sustainable Finance, BBVA

Panel Discussion: ESG integration in ratings

  • Integration of ESG risks into bank credit analysis 
  • Sustainable finance and banks. Source of risks vs. opportunities
Saida Eggerstedt
Saida Eggerstedt
Head of Sustainable Finance, Schroders

Presentation: Post-pandemic banking - Accelerating shifts and reshaping banking

  • Will the coronavirus accelerate changes in the banking system? 
  • How will the crisis impact Asian banks’ credit profiles?

Keynote Interview with Ms. Judy Hsu, Regional Chief Executive Officer, ASEAN and South Asia, Standard Chartered Bank

  • From the near to medium term: Challenges and opportunities in the bank’s operating environment 
  • How is the bank preparing to respond to the changes taking place in the banking business model?

Panel: Key developments and trends in financial institutions’ commercial real estate portfolios

  • How has the coronavirus pandemic affected underwriting philosophies?
  • How have government support measures benefitted the CRE sector?
  • What are the long-term implications of the coronavirus pandemic on CRE sub-sectors, including office space?
  • Which CRE portfolios are most at risk if the downturn lasts longer than expected?
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Presentation: Japan’s macro environment and banks’ challenges

  • What operating environment challenges banks face? 
  • How can banks adapt to these challenges?


  • 邦銀の事業環境と課題とは
  • 邦銀はその課題にどのように対処できるのか

Spotlight Interview with Chief Digital Officer, Belfius

  • What is the rationale and expected value added behind the strategic partnership between Belfius and a telecom company?  
  • Has COVID-19 crisis prompted material changes in the way banks will digitalize their activities?  
  • What is the state of competition between traditional banks and neo-banks? 
Geert Van Mol
Geert Van Mol
Chief Digital Officer, Belfius

Spotlight Interview: Acceleration in digitalization trends post coronavirus

  • What are the key digital demands arising post coronavirus?
  • What are the opportunities and risks for banks and fintechs after the pandemic?

Panel: Banks' digital transformation

  • Will the customer shift to digital banking persist beyond the coronavirus? 
  • What are the opportunities and risks for banks and fintechs after the pandemic?

Presentation: From one crisis to another - Structural issues hurting India’s financial sector

  • How has the pandemic deepened structural problems in the banking sector?
  • What changes can banks implement to navigate the additional challenges

Panel: What will it take to restore the financial strength of Indian financial institutions?

  • What is the path to recovery from the recession for Indian financial institutions?
  • How will the pandemic shape or accelerate trends in India’s financial sector?

Spotlight Conversation: Future of Asset Management

  • Where will the fundamental shifts in the European industry come from? 
  • What competitive advantages should asset managers watch out for? 
  • What role will technology play in the successes and failures in the industry? 
  • Will ESG investing be the next big secular trend in asset management?  
  • What will be the longer-term impacts from the coronavirus pandemic on asset manager’s business models? 

Panel Discussion: Focus on IFRS 9 - Managing Model Risk in Unprecedented Times

  • Challenges in applying IFRS9 guidance in light of the fast changing economic assumptions 
  • Determining EL in relation to loans subject to moratoria 
  • Challenges in applying regulatory guidance in relation to ECL 
  • Expectations in relation to when consumer versus corporate exposures will migrate

Spotlight interview with Kelly S. King, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Truist Financial

  • What are the key challenges and milestones involved in merging two large banksconsidering the cultural issues and the industry’s history of suboptimal bank acquisitions? 
  • What is the progress on digitalization efforts and ability to compete with the larger banks? 
  • Given that banks are flushed with low-cost deposits, is there a concern about deposit disintermediation in the long-term? 
  • What will be the long-run fallout for the industry from the coronavirus pandemic? 
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Presentation: The impact of cyber risks on banks

  • Have digital banking and remote work increased cyber risks? 
  • Moody’s approach to cyber risk 

Spotlight interview: Banking regulations at a crossroad - Will the pandemic change the course of regulatory direction?

  • How will government measures improve banks’ capacity to mitigate the impact of COVID-19? 
  • Will the regulatory adjustments persist in the long run?

Focus on France

  • How will the coronavirus crisis affect banks’ credit profiles?  
  • French banking groups have more diverse sources of revenues than most peers: What can this bring in the current environment?  
  • How will the pandemic reshape technological trends in the French banking industry? 

Keynote interview with Thomas E.Flynn Chief Financial Officer of Bank of Montreal

  • What are the key factors in steering a leading North American bank through turbulent times?
  • How important is geographical and business diversification?
  • What are the bank’s key strengths and how are these being levered?
  • How are cross-border technology investments being optimized?
  • What have been the key developments in risk management?

Moody’s Panel: Key developments and trends in the Canadian banking sector

  • To what extent is the concentrated industry structure a credit strength?   
  • How resilient are pre-provision earnings and capital? 
  • How has the government’s policies affected banks’ liquidity? 
  •  What are the expectations concerning loan losses and provisioning? 

Focus on Nordics

  • Why have Nordic banks weathered the Coronavirus better than European peers? 
  • How do we expect their credit profiles to fare in the face of the lower for even longer interest rates that will likely follow?    

Focus on Italy

  • Does the current high level of NPLs In Italy bring about specific challenges for Italian banks in the current environment?  
  • Will the Covid crisis accelerate the domestic consolidation within the Italian banking industry?

Focus on Spain

  • What challenges Spanish banks face amid one of EU’s most severe economic contractions?   
  • Will Spanish banks’ credit profiles remain resilient after the pandemic? 

Spotlight interview with Chartsiri Sophonpanich, President, Bangkok Bank Limited

  • ASEAN Banks - Stability amid the storm?
  • How are ASEAN banks responding to external environment changes? 
  • Will banks’ credit profiles remain resilient after the pandemic? 

Interview with Tom Wipf, Vice Chairman of Institutional Securities, Morgan Stanley

  • What is the state of play concerning financial institutions’ readiness for a post-LIBOR world? 
  • What progress has been made to date? 
  • What should industry observers expect to be the key hurdles and developments to keep an eye on? 

Pandemic Economy

  • What are Moody’s Analytics’ expectations concerning key US economic trends in 2021?
  • How will the outcomes of the US presidential and congressional elections affect the economy?

Presentation: The rising importance of ESG risks

  • Is risk management more than just credit and market risks?  
  • What environmental, social and governance risks do banks face 

Panel: ESG Shaping Banks’ Strategies, Risk Assessments and Reporting

  • How banks embed ESG strategies into their strategies and risk assessments
  • How regulation and societal expectations may shape future risk appetite
  • The journey to better ESG risk reporting   
  • The challenges in comparing ESG risks across banks

Interview with Brian Moynihan, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America has evolved considerably over the past decade, strengthening its expansive and diverse business presence with a greater focus on expense discipline and responsible growth. This has enabled the bank to generate steady improvements in efficiency, notwithstanding significant investments in technology intended to better serve its clients and respond to competitive challenges that threaten to reshape the banking industry. The interview will feature topics including: 

  • How is Bank of America navigating the myriad of challenges that exist in today’s banking environment? 

  • What does Bank of America mean by “responsible growth” and how does the bank ensure a long-term commitment to this?

  • How will Bank of America evolve to meet the shifting technological, workplace and societal trends in each of its key businesses and regions?


Panel: US global investment banks’ third quarter earnings highlights

Shortly following the five US-based global investment banks’ reporting third quarter earnings, the panel will examine their results and provide an update on key trends for the remainder of the year and into 2021: 

  • Did capital markets’ perform as well as in the second quarter and what are Moody’s expectations for the rest of the year?

  • What updates did the banks make to their credit loss assumptions and how did this affect their provisions for losses and future guidance? 

  • What were the key trends in liquidity and capital? 

  • What fourth quarter earnings guidance did the banks provide? 

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Presentation: Banking – Credit trends amid policy-supported recovery and still challenging operating environment

  • Can banks manage asset risk with faster loan growth to small and private companies amid policy-supported recovery? 
  • How are banks mitigating pressures on profitability and capital? 
  • Will liquidity condition and the level of government support change?

Panel: What’s the outlook on Chinese banks’ asset risk post COVID-19?

  • Is there less pressure on banks’ asset quality from a recovering macro outlook?
  • Would lending more to SME add to or help stabilize asset risk? 
  • Are banks’ capital and profitability sufficient to buffer asset risk?