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The Series digital program is free and offers exclusive interviews, thematic panel discussions and regional deep dives.


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Global Investment Bank Interviews

Discover the latest thinking from CEOs of top global investment banks

  • Strategic impact of the current crisis: What opportunities it creates, eliminates or defers 

  • Views on recovery as well as government and regulatory interventions 

  • How the current situation will impact Deutsche’s strategic plans and targets? 

  • Extent to which the current crisis has driven increasing focus by the bank on ESG – particularly social risks 

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    Christian Sewing Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Bank
  • image
    Laurie Mayers Associate Managing Director, Global Investment Banks and European Banks, Moody’s Investors Service
  • How is Bank of America navigating the myriad of challenges that exist in today’s banking environment? 

  • What does Bank of America mean by “responsible growth” and how does the bank ensure a long-term commitment to this?

  • How will Bank of America evolve to meet the shifting technological, workplace and societal trends in each of its key businesses and regions?

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    Brian Moynihan Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer , Bank of America
  • image
    Ana Arsov Managing Director, Global Investment Banks, Finance Companies and Securities Firms, Moody’s Investors Service

Regional Bank Interviews

Hear from CEOs of top regional banks

  • What are the key challenges and milestones involved in merging two large banks, considering the cultural issues and the industry’s history of suboptimal bank acquisitions? 
  • What is the progress on digitalization efforts and ability to compete with the larger banks? 
  • Given that banks are flushed with low-cost deposits, is there a concern about deposit disintermediation in the long-term? 
  • What will be the long-run fallout for the industry from the coronavirus pandemic? 
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    Kelly S. King Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Truist Financial
  • image
    Allen Tischler Senior Vice President, North America Banks, Moody's Investors Service
Moody’s Banking Digital Series
The Series digital program is free and offers exclusive interviews, thematic panel discussions and regional deep dives into post-crisis banking.