Deep Dive into China: Focus on Health Insurance and Digitalization 洞察中国: 聚焦健康保险与数字化

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Presentation: Coronavirus Accelerates Change in Health Insurance
Panel Discussion: How Chinese Insurers Are Embracing Technologies after COVID?
小组讨论: 中国保险公司在疫情后如何拥抱科技赋能
  • How insurers are navigating through COVID by leveraging technologies?
  • What are the impacts from insure-tech to the insurance industry?
  • What are the challenges the insurers are currently facing in enhancing technology empowerment?
  • What’s Chinese insurers’ status in insure-tech space compared to global peers?
  • 保险公司如何运用科技应对疫情带来的冲击
  • 保险科技对保险行业发展的影响
  • 保险公司在推进保险科技过程中面对的挑战
  • 中国保险公司在保险科技领域和国际同业的比较
Fireside Chat: Lessons Learnt from Implementing IFRS 17 in China
炉边谈话: 中国实施IFRS 17之经验分享
  • How Actuaries could benefit from modernized modeling techniques?
  • Why “Agile” is crucial during IFRS17 Project Implementation?
  • Key considerations on project transition and knowledge transfer
  • 精算师怎样从现代化建模技术中受益?
  • “敏捷开发(Agile)”为何在IFRS17项目实施中尤为关键?
  • 项目过渡和知识转移中的关键考虑因素